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Through consulting services,our company will help you choose the best solution for your security objectives.

An optimal configuration of a security system must always go from a rigorous analysis of the elements and conditions that affect the security status of the intended objective.

Security assessment follows:romguard-consultanta-thumb

  • Setting vulnerability and risk factors affecting the security target;
  • The fulfillment of specific tasks on security;
  • Determining security needs for the intended objective.

Romguard offers the following consulting service packages:

  1. For objectives protection:
    • specific risk assessment of each objective;
    • counseling in the delivery system of protection and security measures in the objectives.
    • we offer security consulting for: residential,commercial, storage spaces.
    • We offer complete solutions for security and fire safety.
  2. For people protection (the clients who feel a threat to life or health or integrity of their families):
    • assessing the risks to individuals;
    • training people regarding rules that must be taken into account to ensure their security;
    • we provide options for security measures, guarding, escort, alarm systems,access control systems, video monitoring systems/electronics of any kind, explosives detection equipment, security systems, IT, etc.