About us

RMG SISTEMS PROTECT was founded in 2008, representing the new commercial form of ROMGUARD SECURITY that was founded in 1993. The experience gained in the eighteen years of activity gives us a place among the prestigious companies of security and protection.

The new trends in this field and the competition becoming stiffer, requires us to use the latest technology agreed by the European Union.

Our personnel selection is very rigorous. We seek to hire young and dynamic people, with experience so they can face any situation.We are one of the few companies where there is an age limit for employment of 45 years.

All this effort we make is because we want to be competitive and we want you to have all the confidence you need in our services.

The company is authorized by the General Inspectorate of the police to watch out all the goals, goods, values and protection of natural and legal persons with state-owned or private.

Our company has insurance policy valued at 100,000 euro for damage caused to the beneficiaries.

We offer:

    - Security agents for residences, companies,residential buildings, construction sites, banks, etc.
    - Bodyguard for public figures. Agents are specially trained infighting techniques and weapons.
    - Agents for values transportation. This service is designed to protect shipments of special importance.
    - Security consultancy for: residential,commercial, storage spaces.