Human Security

"Economic" Package

This package is suitable for industrial and construction companies and for those activities that don?t require specially trained security agents. Security personnel will be properly equipped depending on the activity.

"Standard" Package

Security services are provided by properly equipped agents in accordance with the provisions of Law 333/2003:

    standard uniform , according to the appropriate season, marked with RMG logo;
    protective equipment;
    badge identification (name and RMG logo);
    rubber baton;
    small capacity irritant spray;
    metal detector, anti fire flashlight, whistle;
    individual lighting device "hands free";
    mobile phone, radio station (depending on the mission);
    lethal weapons for security and defense / weapons-lethal rubber ball (only to the request of beneficiaries and the law).

"Premium" Package

This package offers a well-trained staff with professional certification, equipped with professional equipment. In special cases of intervention you have our team support.