Romguard Security offers a full range of security services:

   -  Risk analysis and investigation of the property;
    - Monitoring of security personnel;
    - Develop methods and security procedures;
    - Bodyguard (including protocol services: transport, interpreters booking, accompanying staff and bodyguards as well as measures to anticipate, prevent and rapid evacuation in case of danger);
    - Human guard and canine;
    - Fast intervention;
    - Values transport;
    - Technical services;
    - Event planning.

With 15 years experience in security and protection, we guarantee the quality of our services. All of them are provided with seriousness and competence guaranteed by authorized personnel, equipped and trained for each type of security service.

Our company assumes responsibility for damage to property produced under conditions stipulated in the beneficiary guard plan.

Through consulting services,our company will help you choose the best solution for your security objectives.

An optimal configuration of a security system must always go from a rigorous analysis of the elements and conditions that affect the security status of the intended objective.

Security assessment follows:

    - Setting vulnerability and risk factors affecting the security target;
    - The fulfillment of specific tasks on security;
    - Determining security needs for the intended objective.

Romguard offers the following consulting service packages:

    1. For objectives protection:
        specific risk assessment of each objective;
        counseling in the delivery system of protection and security measures in the objectives.
        we offer security consulting for: residential,commercial, storage spaces.
        We offer complete solutions for security and fire safety.
    2. For people protection (the clients who feel a threat to life or health or integrity of their families):
        assessing the risks to individuals;
        training people regarding rules that must be taken into account to ensure their security;
        we provide options for security measures, guarding, escort, alarm systems,access control systems, video monitoring systems/electronics of any kind, explosives detection equipment, security systems, IT, etc.