Values Transport

Values transport service offered by Romguard Security covers the transport of sealed important packages. This packages can have different weights and sizes and can contain values, money or securities equivalents. Our company is committed to carry the packagein Romaniafrom one place to another, on specified routes, on the basis of taking and delivering orders to customer data. For this service the company provides:

    - own armored vehicles, approved by the competent authorities;
    - own personnel, properly selected, trained, armed and properly approved by the competent authorities;
    - insurance policy to cover risks arising from any type of loss or damage caused by anyone and for any reason.

Values must be packed in parcels shipped by the Beneficiary and approved by our company, sealed and accompanied by documentation attesting to their content, signed by the person responsible. Crew chief may refuse to transport packages that do not meet these conditions.

Means of transport crew will consist of 2-3 values security guards, trained properly and equipped with uniforms, firearms and related technical systems. Armoured means are in touch with our dispatcher operating radio.